Sunday, 12 July 2015


Overview of progress to date

I have been busy laying Easitrac for the last few weeks,  I have now completed most of the track for the scenic section except for the area around the turnouts. All has gone reasonably well though I do find that the Easitrac glue dries very fast which can make laying the track difficult. Thankfully most of the track is straight so I aligned the track against a ruler before pushing it into the glue.

Test running track with a selection of locomotives

The electrical feeds are provided to the track via brass sleepers.

Electrical feeds

It was pointed out to me recently that the sprue that holds two sections of Easitrac sleepers together are actually set to the 6ft way.  I have taken advantage of this by assembling the Easitrac with sprues in place every two or three sections to maintain the 6ft way gap.  Once the track has been glued I then cut through the sprues to remove them.

Sprues ready to be cut once glue has dried 

At baseboard joints I have used brass sleepers to provide extra strength.

Brass sleepers at baseboard joints