Friday, 16 October 2020


I have started the process of ballasting the track it has taken me two weeks to complete about one tenth of the layout so I will certainly be occupied well into next year! The ballast is sand which I have dyed with oil paints diluted with white spirit. The ballast is glued down with Mod Podge matt glue diluted with water.

Ballasted turnout

Ballasted bridge

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Track Painting

I have used time in lockdown to begin the process of painting the track. The track was first cleaned three times with Phoenix Precision Paints pre-paint cleaner and then primed with one coat of Phoenix Precision Paints spray etch primer. The paint on the surface of the rails was then removed with a small block of wood before it had fully dried.

Layout masked off before spray painting

Layout masked off before spray painting

Layout after being primed and masking removed

The track has been painted using Winsor and Newton oil paints, which have been dry-brushed on. The rail colour is a mix of Raw Umber and Zinc White. The timber sleepers are a mix of Raw Umber, Zinc White and Ivory Black. The concrete sleepers are a mix of Payne's Grey, Titanium White and Naples Yellow Hue.

Timber sleepers for turnout

Concrete sleepers above bridge

Join between concrete and timber sleepers