Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Baseboard edging

I have taken some photos of the baseboard edging and baseboard ends. These are laser cut from a mixture of 4 mm mdf and 4 mm ply. The drawings were prepared in CorelDraw.

Baseboard edging templates

Brass pattern makers dowels for alignment , holes for these also laser cut

Bridge and baseboard edging viewed from South

Bridge and baseboard edging viewed from North

View of layout from above showing progress to date

View of layout from side showing progress to date


  1. Hi Andrew the road bridge and the stonework look superb

  2. I should have asked is it scribed I only ask as I have a viaduct to build and at the moment I'm still looking at techniques for the brick or stone work and what you've done looks very effective

  3. All the parts for the bridge and platforms I have drawn on a computer using CorelDraw and then sent for laser cutting. The mortar lines for the brick, stone work and paving slabs have all been etched by the laser. If you look at www.yorkmodelmaking.com they have a document you can download which tells you how to prepare drawings for laser cutting.